Loan Modifications

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Wondering How to Protect Your Home?

Modifying your mortgage can help you stay in your home. Your mortgage company likely won't be very helpful with this process, so you'll want an attorney by your side. The attorneys at Banks & Associates Law Firm in Woodbridge, Fairfax or Chesapeake, VA can assist with this difficult process. We help guide clients through every step of mortgage modification, ensure they meet deadlines and provide advice to increase the chance of a successful modification.

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How an attorney can help you

A loan modification attorney is essential if you want a loan modification. They can help you:

  • Seek a forbearance
  • Change the terms of your mortgage
  • Get ahead of your financial situation
  • Place a deed in your name before a divorce
  • Allow you to keep your home despite a bankruptcy

If you're filing for bankruptcy and are seeking a mortgage modification, we're here to help. Our attorney can help you determine the best course of action for your situation and help you with your modification. Call 703-878-2265 (Woodbridge), 703-273-7000 (Fairfax) or 757-763-7728 (Chesapeake) now to set up a consultation.